Hi Jean

September 22, 2008 at 6:05 am

Hi Jean! Good to hear from you again and am so happy Wayan is doing good now. Still has a ways to go but seeing him out of the hospital is great news. Vitamin B-12 is a good one that helps the nervous system but all the other vitamins, I would be careful with and it might be a good idea if the doctor lets him have the list he can take. Especially with the allergic reaction. Some people even take Fish Oil but then if he is allergic to Seafood it might not be wise. I am very hypersensitive to certain medications and hate trying out new meds for fear of having a reaction. If he does try them, it might be a good idea to start one type at a time to see how his body will handle it first. That way if there is a problem with one he will know to stay away from that one.
Something strange happened to me a while back ago and I never had any problems before. Oysters! I have alway’s loved fried oysters and flounder. We went to a Seafood Restaurant and I ordered my usual as I have always had and after eating those oysters, I pure got weird feeling. My lips started swelling, a rash appeared on my body and it was scary! I’m in my mid 40’s too and have eaten oysters ever since I was a child. Weird how a persons body can become allergic to things. But our immune systems become different and we just have to be more careful. I had CIDP and not GBS but still the immune system does some strange things to our bodies.
Vitamins are good for any of us that have bad immune systems, but being careful at the same time is the best policy. Especially if you have bad reactions to medications.
Get a list up of vitamins that might be of interest and let the doctor know about them to see if he okay’s them. Then to be safe only try 1 at a time adding one as you go. If he reacts, then you know that one vitamin is not a good choice. Glad he is home and doing okay! Great news is always wonderful to hear!