hi jax0020

December 6, 2009 at 8:55 pm

it has been 3 years this past nov. for me. i take lyrica because i am allergic to nuerotin. i been on lyrica from i guess when ever. i dont remeber the early times. i also take baclofen for muscle spasm. the gbs when i got it they didn’t know if i would live or die i had a severe case. it effected every thing except my breathing. the parllasis stop just right before it hit the diaphram. thank god. i didn’t have control of my legs or arms at first the motor nerves were also affected i still have work to do with these, i also get twitching at varios spots within my body does your dad get these? i do get the sharp spikes going up the heels and stinging sensations all over my feet. my feet are expecially hypersenstive. what types of meds is your dad on? i was also told awhile ago that i also have peripheral neuropathy on top of gbs. so i can relate that it is a long struggle. my neurologist said those strange sensations is the nerves regenerating also. may i ask where you all are from? i’m in ohio.
they also say it just takes time. i hate that saying!