Hi Jan

September 18, 2008 at 6:23 am

Hi Jan! Hope your feet are feeling better this morning and they got rested up some. I get that feet pain and wear insoles in my shoes when standing alot. I never wear high heel shoes either. Always flat shoes with a soft cushiony bottom. Hope you day today is better!

Hi Jan!

September 7, 2008 at 6:28 pm

Hi Jan! That would be great if I had that kind of news of not having CIDP. The only thing that has me concerned is me having an undiagnosed neuropathy since 1995. But back then they said it was CNS Lupus causing it. Did see a 3 year remission. Then after that car accident where I got ran over by an SUV in a mall parking lot, my body went nuts! Something happened. And since that day I have not been right since!
I am praying that once they get me straightened out if they do, that the CIDP goes away. I did read something this morning and found that a thyroid problem can cause CIDP also. So maybe this is my problem! It would be nice to see that nerve damage stuff gone and never come back. Boy would that make my day!
Thank-you Jan! Lets keep our fingers crossed. Maybe.. just maybe I will get that wish! I just wished we all could be cured of our illness and diseases that cause this CIDP! I know I’m having my problems health wise but see so many of us that have had hard times themselves dealing with GBS. And it had to be very hard for you all having that diagnoses and struggling to get well again. Along with dealing with the pain it also brings. I have seen this CIDP stuff be painful and can’t even imagine how painful GBS was! But by what I have read and seen in many postings it was a horrible experience for many of you in here!
What hurts my soul the most! Is seeing a child here that has CIDP or GBS. That tears my heart up! Me being a parent and now grandparent. It would have tore me up if any of my children got sick this way. And having fear of losing them too! I admire many of you in here! I really do! It took alot of strong will power for many of you and that takes alot of will power.
Thank-you Jan! Thank-you so much! Hugs! 😉