Hi Jamie!

November 9, 2008 at 12:51 am

Hi Jamie! I am so happy for you right now! Looks like things are beginning to look up for you. I wish you all the best in the world. Hugs my friend! You are going to be a great nurse! I can see how much you really care! That means alot to those in need!

Hi Jamie!

October 22, 2008 at 12:31 am

Having trouble sleeping tonight. Steve and Dawn and Jamie! What wonderful prayers that you have posted and all are so true. Dawn and Steve, I couldn’t have said it better and the prayers you asked for were of true heart and feelings. Very beautifully said!
Jamie! Well maybe that has been your son’s problem all along. That thyroid stuff can put you insane and you don’t even realize it! Hyperthyroidism. Just wonder if he has been tested for Graves. They would do a TSI, TPA and maybe check his Vitamin D levels also.
If his thyroid is hyper.. gosh can that do a number on a person. It can cause severe anxiety, mood swings, depression, nervousness, aggitated feelings. I had many nights of where I felt like I was going into a Manic Phase! One night I was sitting her in my den and I suddenly felt like I was going to jump up and start punching holes in my walls. I am praying that the Hypo stage that I may be going in won’t be as bad. So far I am doing fair on that one. Just getting cold natured now and a tiny bit moody. Also noticed I am gaining weight. Bummer on that one!
But if he is hyper and in his teen years! And we all know what teens years are like! I think we all have been there on the teens years and experienced some of what he is going through. What you could be dealing with is teen puberty meaning he’s trying to find himself and is searching his soul, but the thyroid is causing him to be manic feeling just like I was getting. Meaning he is not really manic but has a medical condition causing this behavior!
That can be treated with medications and he might get well again. But the medications have to be checked for levels that will be right for him. Getting the thyroid levels balanced. With me not having my thyroid now, I am going to go through different dosage changes just to balance me out.
Maybe God will make him better now, since they found a problem. Lets hope so! I don’t want to see him having anything wrong with him but if it’s something that can be treated. I would rather see him treated and getting better.
Jamie! I feel like your son will get better. Give your son some time too. Maybe once they start treating him for the thyroid you will see a change in him. Right now he’s angry at the world. But I think in a few days he will calm down and realize that you really do love him and care.
Me raising 3 children was tough being sick. But I somehow managed. We all love each other and get along great now. I only had problems with my middle daughter. She is the one that I am keeping my grandbabies for. And she is now closer to me than before. She grew up and became a very beautiful responsible lady.
Jamie! My daughter gave me such a hard time in her teens years, that I finally had to sit down and say to myself, that it’s time to let her go. Let her learn her own lessons and let her pay the price. I pulled her out of regular school and bought the ICS High School Deploma Program. Made her get a full time job and made her pay for her car insurance. Told her that since she wanted to be an adult that it was time she acted like one. She finished her schooling, went to work and went to Tech School and got her degree. Got married and had two beautiful little girls.
Life is going to be tough and challenging for you right now. Keep saying the prayers and somehow he will listen. It may take a little more time like it did me but your prayers will get answered.
Sending you alot of cyber hugs! One day your son is going to come up to you and tell you just how much he loves you and will apologize for hurting you in anyway! Hugs,
Linda H

Hi Jamie!

October 20, 2008 at 6:13 am

Hi Jamie! Will continue to pray for you that things work out and a better future comes from this.
I think alot of us parents have at least one child that cries abuse! LOL! My middle daughter that gave me a fit cried abuse too! I had a Social Worker come to my home asking me thousands of questions right in front of my daughter But my two other children were in the room with us. I sat there and talked with the Social Worker and told her everything my daughter was doing. Told her to go to her school and check out the problems we were having with her. And then I looked at my daughter right in the eyes and told her to tell the Social Worker with me being in the same room, that I was abusive. She couldn’t do it!
My other two children took up for me too! My son being the oldest and baby daughter actually got mad at their sister for telling such lies.
What got even better was me telling the Social Worker that if she can do a better job at raising my daughter then she is welcome to do so! My daughters eyes got big as saucers. LOL! She was 16 year olds and was giving me a fit! She actually thought I was giving her to the Social Worker. Scared her alot! Never heard the word abuse after that!
Children today hear that word so much that they try to use that word to do what they want t do. What really made me mad was I never spanked her in her childhood and they got grounded if they did bad things. But not once did my children get abused. That was so hurtful to me and even made me cry!
I ended up having to get my daughter some help. Now today she is a Social Worker and deals with abused children and foster care! See her every week and the grandchildren and she finally grew up! In fact, I see her more than the other two! LOL! She calls me every day from her cell phone. And we are probably closer to each other than I am with my other two children.
Somewhere someway Jamie, things will turn around for you! I agree about the private schools. They teach better, less students and much more time with the children. More money but well worth it! Hugs
Linda H

Hi Jamie!

October 20, 2008 at 5:42 am

Hi Jamie! You got the job! That is wonderful news! So happy for you!
What you posted to me about my Aunt and Grandmother was so true! All the different emotions you go through is very tough to handle. I was living in PA when it happened and the night that it happened, I had a strange dream. My Aunt was in my bedroom and telling me that I needed to be living back in NC. That I don’t belong in PA and my family is going to need me! Ohh was that a creepy dream!
I remember waking up and looking at the clock. The investigators said that she passed away around that time frame. I came down here to go to the funeral in total shock. The family decided to have an open casket funeral because they wanted people to see what these guys did to her!
Oh my God Jamie! When I saw my aunt in that casket and her face was not her face, her neck had been broken and she had spots all over her body that even cosmetics couldn’t hide.
Jamie! It did a number on my mind! Just like you with your dad! I was devastated for months. And you are right! First you have hurt, then sadness and with us it even brough fear against certain people. Then the anger and being mad comes in! Then you break down with depression.
I still today think about it, but have excepted it! 3 of the 5 guys that did this crime although they could never prove they did it because of the lack of strong evidence and back then they did not have DNA. 3 are now dead. Three of them got murdered in gang violence. One got caught for murdering another elderly person and got the death penalty. He got put to sleep by Lethal Injection. And one is still running free!
But I feel like we got justice! Knowing that 4 of them are no longer here to cause harm on anyone else. Although I wished they had enough on the last guy and put him away too. I have to say 4 our of 5 is not bad! At least 4 are gone and not walking the streets.
My dad’s brother and sisters though. They still have anger over her death. And then seeing their mother go through what she went through. They want that last guy and I don’t think they will ever except what happened. We all go on with our lives, and have excepted it, but some of us still have the anger built inside. Mainly my father’s sisters and 1 brother.
I doubt her case will ever be solved. At least with my grandmother her mind is now at peace and she know longer has to live each day seeing what happened over and over again.
The only thing you can do in a situation like this is eventually except what happened and try to go on with life. Easier said than done, but what else can a person do? It’s done and over with now and there is nothing anybody can do to change it! I still miss them though but try to remember the goodness they had!
Jamie! I am so glad you got that job! You diserved it! And I think you will make a really fantasic nurse! Good luck on your new journey! Hugs
Linda H

Hi Jamie!

October 13, 2008 at 7:52 am

This morning you have all these butterflies in your stomach floating around in hopes to get that job! I hope those butterflies get the chance to turn into blooming flowers. Meaning I got my fingers crossed for you today! Hugs!
Linda H

Hi Jamie!

October 9, 2008 at 3:27 pm

I will say some prayers for you dear and I hope you get the job. Wishing you my best of luck here! Sometimes God saves a job for a special person to come along that really needs it worse than others. So maybe you are that special person! Keeping my fingers toes and knees crossed! Cyber Hugs heading your way! 🙂

Hi Jamie!

September 12, 2008 at 8:10 am

Hi Jamie! I am so so happy for you and hope that you see a new life and a new beginning with many years of happiness. And you are right! Each person I see in here that get’s well and get’s better, I am grateful seeing that one more person get well.
Nobody and I mean nobody diserves going through what we are going through. GBS or CIDP! You go girl!!! Enjoy your life now! Have fun and have fun with your new baby. But still be careful not to overdo now! When your body tells you to stop! You stop! A big hug!:D

Hi Jamie

August 27, 2008 at 5:06 am

Hi Jamie, When my father died, I went through a terrible time dealing with his death. Had my mother whom has disabilities to care for and had to help her get on her feet. It was terrible. My father and mother lived in the country on 3 acres of land. I never used a tractor before, never used a gas blower or a weed wacker. Had to figure out how to flatten my fathers half acre garden.
I felt so all alone with nobody helping me to help my mother. One day while trying to figure out that stupid weed wacker that I could not crank I felt as if God let my father come back to help me out! So strange because it felt like I had a man’s hands wrapped over me and cranked that weedwacker up. Then I heard my father’s voice and he told me what to do and it felt like he was holding that weedwacker. And then there were other times I felt his spirit. At first because I was in so much pain for loosing him, I thought I was going crazy. At that time also, my husband and children were still living in PA. All trying to get ready for moving. My father’s spirit I honestly believe came back to help me and guide me through my hardest time. His spirit knew that I needed him and he came back. My grieving for my father became easier to cope with for I knew he was still around. Making it easier for me to except.
Not to long ago my husband took me to his gravesite to change his flowers. We stopped by a yard sale and I found some porcelian music boxes. All were taped and packed well. There was no way they could play on their own because of the way they were packed. When we got out of the truck I placed the flowers on his grave and talked a few minutes. Got teary eyed and then my husband and I got into the truck. He started the truck up getting ready to leave when one of those music boxes began to play! He has told me things to tell my mother and only my mother knew about those personal things. So we know now, that his spirit is indeed there! Watching over me and my mother. Your grandmother has seen the baby and was letting you know that you had a precious angel. She came to bless the baby and was letting you know she was indeed there. Believe and she will come around whenever you need her!
Will keep you in my prayers.