hi hope! hi jan!

July 5, 2008 at 1:04 am


what you said about the dripping faucet makes so much sense! that is exactly how i felt, like i was allergic to myself, to the entire world. i felt like my body was overreacing to every single thing around me, and then shutting down. it felt like the world was too much for my senses to handle, so they were all shutting down. you get what im saying, right? that must be a good doc you have, for him to take the time to explain things to you in such detail. that hypothesis sounded kind of confusing, though. but, i get it, in one of those weird, “yeah, i gotcha but i have no idea how” kinda ways.:p


perfect day for a bbq, right!? it was here, anyway! sure you had your hands full, though, with all of the prep for the party. hope it went good for you, and your body provided you with tons of strength and energy! i had a great day. it was the first time in a while that i really got together with my extended family. i felt good, looked good, and everyone noticed a huge difference in me. i was actually talking alot, laughing, and breathing at the same time! crazy!!!!!!!! it felt sooooo good!

Alright, think i’ll head to bed. sleeping is my biggest challenge these days. the “electricity” is horrible every single night, and sometimes during the day. ive starting going the the massage therapist and chiropractor once a week, so hopefully that will help. im hoping it is jsut taht my back is outta whack, and that it will get a bit better after the baby.

take care! good luck! happy summer!