HI from Iceland

March 26, 2008 at 5:18 pm

well it have been long time since I been here, I wanted to use my username but was rejected, so I made new similar to what I had.
It has been hard road last couple of months but Im recovering, it is mostly with my depression, it hit me hard in Feb. and I was starting to avoid any contackt with others, Im now with some shrink that seems get through my situation so I feel better and life is brighter.
Im getting stronger but I need to nap alot and always tierd. my therapy have been ups and down, but I try to go when ever Im not tierd.
I got off on my dieabetis meds, the doctors are going to try that in 3 months and see how my sugarlevel will be at that time.
I went to see my nerv doc in feb. and he told me I would get use to this been like Im, Im still numb in hands and feets, with lot of pain in my feets and legs. I went also yesterday to a doc that send electric down the nervs to see how they react, and my condision is worse then it was when I was paralized one year ago, So damm it, I thought this would not happen, my relaps in the dec was not that bad.
but Im glad to be here again, Im going to read and see if I can respond to any one.
Love you all and thanks for being here
Helga from Iceland

Hi from Iceland

August 10, 2007 at 1:59 pm

Well guy´s, and girls´s Im still here trying to start my buisness, but I have been deeling with lot last few days and I feel my energy is lower and my numbness is more, I cant tell you much what is going on in my live becouse my hubby and I are under very speacial pressure from the goverment it came as much sock to me and the day I was told my legs and my hands started to get some cramps and the numbness went to the hips, I can not sleep much and my appertide is very little, that is also good, maby I loose some pounds:D. Im not loosing my humor and that keeps me up still. What could I do to relax, Im trying to use stilnoct but that only works in 4 hours and then Im awake, I dont take any nap over the day my nerves are to tight up to do that.
hope some one can give my some addvise about this,