Hi Elmo

February 17, 2010 at 4:25 pm

[FONT=”System”]I agree with you whole-heartedly about keeping politics and religion off of a discussion board meant to address matters regarding GBS and CIDP. What bothers me is that somehow it is A-Okay to give one’s opinion on these subjects and upon dissension, somehow want to just take it all back. I happen to be an advocate for women’s rights as is my wife; I am floored not only by comments made against women, but more by the fact that they were made by one. It is offensive and if I am to understand the deletion of the Cytoxan post, offensiveness is enough here to warrant censorship; which is essentially the antithesis of open dialog, democracy and our 1st amendment rights.

When my dear wife read what Dawn wrote, she was speechless, as was I. Whether it be Sarah Palin commentary or anti-Obama-ism, beliefs regarding which gender should have worldwide command and whether women should serve in the White House – this discussion does not belong here nor does one get to just take it all back. Then, after it is brought forth openly, the PM’s begin flying by being announced on the main forum (i.e. for the “in” group to discuss).

Perhaps the “in” group should exchange personal phone numbers, emails and so forth so that all the rest do not have to be privy to the goings on of the secretive dialog. I do not hold you responsible Elmo but I am speaking to you as you have repeatedly expressed a desire to keep peace.

Since most people in the world who “are in command” are white/caucasian, I wonder if the same sentiment applies to people of African descent; that is to say, should they too not be in the “first two positions?”

Dawn: Please stick to your claim that you are “just a mom trying to help her child.” Your commentary on politics and utterances regarding women are misplaced here.

Regarding the deletion of Pam H’s Cytoxan post – how shameful that she was unable to express her personal story and opinion. What a loss for those who may have learned from it, that now will not, simply because of a few people’s insecurity. This forum should not be anyone’s life![/FONT]