Hi Don

July 23, 2007 at 8:09 am

Good on you for trying to find out as much info as you can for helping your wife. It’s been 15 mths now since I got my bout of GBS which left me paralysed head to toe. While the rest of my body has fully recovered, my residual damage is my ankles and numbness/tingling in my feet/toes which over time is subsiding but it is a slow process. There really isn’t any info out there in the way of exercise videos as I’ve enquired about that myself. I’ve been fortunate enough that my Consultants and P.T’s have had previous experience with GBS patients therefore they have been very helpful in my recovery. I was told by my Consultants that pain with GBS is a real issue on how best to deal with it as some patients have it and others don’t and the degree varies from each individual and for them trying to get the meds right was always an ongoing process for them (I had really bad pain while I was in ICU but fortunately I don’t now). My P.T’s advised me that exercising and strengthening would help in the long term with pain. Some exercises to help your wifes ankles and feet which I was given by my P.T is wobble board (really good one as it specifically targets your ankles and feet and makes you use all the muscles which apparently there are heaps of in your feet alone), sit in a chair and put a tea towel on the floor just in reach of your toes and use your toes to pull the tea towel towards you under your feet (really good one to get those toes working), sit in chair and practice sitting up and down using the correct leg muscles and posture (we tend to just do what we can and compensate when we can’t do it properly so it gets you building up the right muscles again), walking, rebounder with the bar so you can support upper body and then you can jump, hop, stand on one leg etc. I got my P.T to write a letter and went to the gym and the personal trainer there has worked with me over the last few months at targeting all the trouble areas and it has truly done wonders for my ankles and feet. I’m walking better all the time now and people have really noticed the difference. Hope these suggestions help and keep smiling, with determination and hard work your wife will achieve results.