Hi Denise!

October 17, 2008 at 6:45 am

Hi Denise! Sounds almost like my father. They found a spot on his lung that was cancer and it went to the brain. They told my father because of where the tumor was at there was no surgery but offered him chemo. He refused chemo! That tore me apart. I did take care of my father during his illness and he was not around long. He got diagnosed in May of 2002 and died June 22nd 2002. You are right! Watching it tears you apart. It’s something I hope I never see again with any of my family members.
My dad too was my buddy! I was a daddy’s girl! Alway’s was close to my father. And seeing him get sick so quickly and then suffering did a number on my brain. He’s been gone going on 7 years now and I still cry over loosing him.
I have learned to except it and I hold on to the good memories we had together. But it was one tough time in my life that I hope I never see again.
My husband and I now care for my mom! She still lives on her own, but it starting to get feeble. And I see it coming with her too! I am hoping my sisters will be around when her time comes and I don’t see her passing. I just don’t think I could handle it too well. It would hurt either way but I would rather not see her suffering.
But I will say special prayers for your family and especially for your mother. That cancer is one disease I wished they could cure! Too many people getting it and there is just not much hope. But I pray that your mother does not suffer to much more!
Sending you lots of hugs
Linda H