Hi Dawn! I left you a Posting in the CIDP Section

May 28, 2009 at 6:40 am

Hi Dawn! I left you a posting in the CIDP section but not sure if you were online and read it!
Selene! So sorry to hear about your son being so sick! I know this is very frustrating indeed! It is quite possible also that it’s a genetic disorder like Dawn mentioned. We all hate that word but it happens to thousands of families a year. I think the nerve biopsy is a good idea. It will rule out several disorders and will let the doctor’s know more of what they could be dealing with. Possibly giving you more answers and then might not even give you any answers at all. Especially if it’s an heriditary problem. Wishing you and your son our best and hope you stay online with us and keep us posted! Good luck and God Bless!
Linda H