Hi Dawn, et al

March 8, 2010 at 5:50 pm

I was referred to a Nature Dr who, actually, SPOKE W ME ON THE PHONE! And advied me to “look up low-dose naltrexone”

I’m 3 years into my CIDP Dx, confirmed wLP, Nerve Cond EMG, bu both te local Doc and the capable staff at Hopkins. . .

I’ve been ifused w IvIg, Hi Doses of Prendisone, now on Cell-cept nd am off the Prendisone (yah!)

But I’m at a pretty weak, sickly, plateau- Studies I see show promise, and Isee very little Drug Interaction/side-effect negatives?

DOESANYBODY HAVE “Study” data on this that Icould give my doc and TRY this stuff?

Thanks, Erin, for bringing it up! Funny, we’rethinking alike, here!

Peace Y’all