Hi Christie

January 27, 2009 at 11:20 pm

Hi Christie! I think I would go for a second opinion seeing another doctor. It is possible you may have had a mild case of GBS. But there are other neurmuscular disorders besides GBS that can cause those symptoms. And for it to mimic MS you may have CIDP of an unknown cause or could be an underlying condition that is effecting the nervous system. But you really do need to see the Neuro. Could be something going on with the Central Nervous System too! And that can be very dangerous and just as bad as GBS. Hope you are feeling better though. This stuff can be rather aggrivating and make ya feel aweful! Welcome to the site!
Linda H

Hi Christie!

July 30, 2008 at 3:54 pm

Hi Christie! I have a daughter with the same name as yours. My biggest problem too with being sick was I gained weight, got lazy and became total whiner! My poor husband would hear about how bad the day was. The kids did this or did that. I totally forgot his needs. Our children are now grown and out living on their own now.
I get us movies and we have movie night together. Since I am disabled and can’t go out much, I find some kind of intertainment for us both. We watch movies together. Have our pets that keep us busy. Every Saturday even if if I don’t feel good, I go out with him and get breakfast. Sometimes I’m to sick to go inside to eat and we eat in our car.
Even though we can’t do what we did before we met, we can still have that relationship by sharing our interest with each other. I know what my husband enjoys. So I had to force myself to enjoy it. And after I got used to his habits or hobbies, I found it to not be that bad! 😀 He likes music and westerns and I like romantic movies. I stick with movies that might be liked by both of us.
I used to love going to yard sales but being sick it’s hard. He started going with me and found tools at a sale so now he is addicted to my yard sales on Saturday. Whatever it is that he has interest in, take it in and see if you may enjoy it. If he likes video games, then playing together can be alot of fun.
I learned my lesson back then, and had to work hard at getting my marriage back. We are now 19 years married. The past 8 years have been a good marriage.