Hi Cheryl and Gary Jan Stu Norb Emma Julie

September 20, 2008 at 6:49 am

Good morning my Tavern family! Since I had myself a fairly decent nights sleep and am up to cooking us all a good breakfast here I will volunteer to be the cook today. Give Emma, Jan, Julie and Cheryl a weekend off to party.
Going to have a breakfast bar this morning with bacon, ham, sausage and tenderloins. Homemade bisquits and home fries, Pancakes or Waffles served with fresh juicy fruits.
Having some nice cool days in my area and since Monday is the first official day of fall, we are having a Patio Party this evening. With us all being in Hawaii theme! Serving all Hawaii Beverages. So come on in and join the fun
When it gets dark, I hired a DJ and we are all going to head in that beautiful painted tunnel and going to have a dance party!
PS! I envited a few folks from Dance with the Stars! Take a guess who’s coming? 😀