Hi Carly

June 1, 2009 at 7:23 am

Hi Carly! Before you move! Like Dick S said make sure you get all of your medical records. Even the ones from the hospital, regular primary care doctor and Neuro. I didn’t have my records when I moved to NC because of a family member getting sick and got stranded herein NC caring for my mother. And when I went to see a doctor about my condition and told him about my records he didn’t seem to care and did totally nothing for me. I ended up making a trip back to my other home and had to get those records. It was horrible experience for me and I paid the price doctor shopping for 7 years! So whatever you do top priorty is getting those records. And make sure you make an extra copy for you to keep just in case you need to switch doctors. Always keep an extra copy on hand for yourself also. And never give up that extra copy for you may need it in the future! Good luck on your move! Another thing you could do is ask your doctor’s office to contact this doctor ahead of time trying to get your appointment scheduled with him. Some doctors have a waiting list of 8 months. So by getting this appt already prescheduled that gets you ahead of the ball game without you having to wait a long time getting no treatment. The doctors will be able to discuss a company for you to get your meds and can let you know in advance whom to contact. That is my best advice I can give you. If you follow my rules… LOL! Then you might not have any bad experiences like I did! Good luck with your move! Hugs
Linda H