Hi Brittaney, welcome to the discussion boards

May 22, 2008 at 3:33 pm


I read and re-read your post multiple times. I want to welcome you to the boards and state that many of the people are WONDERFUL listeners, anytime you need to vent.

I first was dx’ed with GBS when I was 18…right out of High School and in my freshmen year of college. Much the same way as yourself – VERY QUICK ONSET – less than 24 hours after showing symptoms I was on a vent – I remember thinking exactly what you mentioned in your post. Scared. Alone.

Things turn around and I’m released after 60+ days in the hospital. I remember thinking that other people (my folks) were tired and sick of listening to me afterwards. I made a great recovery then (went back to competing in athletics). I was scared and had nightmares about the whole incident. Couldn’t sleep…..would think about it ALL THE TIME….much like others. It affected my mood and I struggled with depression on and off again.

Fast-Foward 13 years later….I was getting my family and neighbors through a HORRIBLE ice storm (no power for 9+ days) and the day we get power restored I notice my feet going numb and I couldn’t swallow – I’m again dx’ed with GBS. I have a little more time, about 40 hours till I’m put back on the vent. I stayed on the vent for almost 3 weeks. After another 60+ days in the hospital and re-hab, I’m released without the use of my left eye – based on my eyelid not being able to close.

Now a year and a half later – and without going into any more detail, I’m recovering, and working hard to build my girls a house.

I don’t know why you got GBS, just like I don’t know why anyone on this forum got GBS or CIDP, but you did. I have realized (and it took me twice dealing with this) that there is so much to enjoy in life.

That isn’t much consolation for you now, I realize. But keep in mind that people here know what you’re going through. They listen. They offer support and experiences to help you deal with whatever you’re going through.

Hang in there.