Hi and welcome!

April 20, 2008 at 8:05 pm

Hi, Charon! Welcome to a great group of folks. I had the classic GBS onset Dec. 6, 2007. Once I was diagnosed and hospitalized, the neurologists quizzed me about what instigated GBS….any illness or vaccines in the prior 2 weeks? Sure enough, I’d had a flu shot approx. 12 days before the onset. Mine was considered a “mild” case, since I was not on a ventilator and didn’t completely lose reflexes in my knees. I’m still not back to normal but am improving a little at a time.

I’ve been told that if a person contracts GBS within 6 weeks of getting a flu shot, that person can never get another one. I wouldn’t necessarily discourage anyone from getting a flu shot but folks should be warned that this can happen as a result of one. Now, I’m wary of any and all vaccines. I’m a nurse and must get yearly TB tests….I refused until the neuro got back with me saying it was okay.

I’m glad to hear you got proper diagnosis and treatment quickly. It sounds as if you are progressing well. I hope you get better every day…be encouraged and hopeful. We’re all rooting for you!


Hi and Welcome

October 19, 2006 at 6:44 am

I hope, from my own experience, as he will keep going at work and thereby keep himself busy off the GBS, he will get soon better. I also got much relief when I resumed my duties and self-confidence started slowly building up.

But take care as stated by others and not to do overwork.