Hi Allaug and Cathy

August 20, 2008 at 1:59 am

Cathy, I am not a cake baker! They always stick to the cake pan and my hubby ends up with lop sided cake. This year I am going to buy him one made! LOL! Hope the cake turned out okay!
Allaug! I love making homemade stuff. I fixed 6 jars of fig honey syrup and strawberry fig preserves. My mother does not bother anymore because of her age so I pick them off her bushes and trees now. My father liked planting fruit trees in his yard. He passed away 6 years ago and I have tried to keep the tradition in the family. In my parents yard they have two peach trees, two apple trees, 3 plum trees, 2 grape vines, 2 fig trees, 5 pecan trees, 2 pear trees and then two pommigrante bushes. Ohh! I forgot the blackberry bush! My freezer stays full of fruit. Along with canning fruits. This year because of surgery and illness, I missed out on the plums and blackberry’s. But had enough to hold me over for the year. I enjoy making homemade stuff! The sugar this year though was high in price, but I still saved some money! Never made homemade applesauce though. My next project will be fig candy and fig wine!