Hi Adrew

January 19, 2009 at 4:16 am

Thanks for responding its good to find someone with the same disability well not good but you know what I seen .
Are you sitting comfortably then ill begin lol
Im now 58 and started with this curse well over 10 years ago simmilar to you numbness in toes moving into feet and despite several trips to the doctors was always fobbed oft until about 2 years ago when i eventually convinced my now doctor if was getting to be major problem having stayed the same for all those years I now felt it was progressing.
I was sent for rheumatics checks and then to my first neurologist who sent me for nerv conduction electro test this guy would have been good as an interagator kept shocking me till my arms and hands were jumping about not a fun thing to have done but it was through this i was diagnosed with chronic peripheral poly neuropathy.
After suffering two painful bone marrow tests that gained bone only and refusing further attempts i was given specialist blood tests that revealed the anti mag problem.
Lots more to go through treatments ive had if you want to know im happy to post here or we can message .