Hey there Darcy

October 17, 2007 at 11:45 pm

Hey Darcy,

I know exactly how you feel! I got diagnosed with GBS in 2004 and then it turned into CIDP in 2006. After three treatments of IVIg I was doing very well…for having CIDP that is. I still had the cramps and the pain but I could get along just fine. I am going to college to become a teacher and I was managing my full schedule just fine. Then of course there has to be a relapse. It really sucks. I’m in my relapse now too.

For me the fatigue is the worst. Can be fatigued if you want to do anything productive right? But what made me feel better is that I realized that it’s just a relapse, which means that some time soon I will pull through it and I will get better. It may happen again some time in the future but I’ll come out of it again. Hope is the best way I get through, and talking to these very nice and helpful people here on the fourm. I hope that you feel better real soon and you get to keep doing all those out door activities you like so much.

I know it sucks to be so young and be sick like this. I’m only in my twenties too – 24 so I feel your pain! Feel better and keep hope alive!