Hey Pat…..

September 20, 2011 at 2:20 am

Two years is a little bit early to make that kind of judgement call. I would at least say 5 years and there still may be some improvement even after 5 years. Just hang in there and enjoy each day we are alive. I was watching IRT on tv last night and this trucker said he has a coffen on his porch and as he goes out the door to work each morning he touches it and that kinda puts things in perspective for his day. He said you can’t appreciate life until you imbrace death. We all have such a short time here on earth Pat. Just dwell on all the good times we have with one another and especially the family. I think we all have moments that…we think this is good as it is gonna get. That is ok to think sometimes as we all are human, but just don’t stay in that frame of mind. Good to see you again Pat. I too stay away from here some times, but am always glad to stop in from time to time and see if anything new is in the makings that might help us all. Only thing tho…when I am away for a few months and come back here again, it really hurts to see all the new faces that have come here for help of all kinds. I really feal sad for those who have just met us on this forum. I just know they are just beginning their journey and it is sometimes painful. I gotta go now.
God bless,

DU… that was a very good post !!!