Hey Lauren

October 8, 2008 at 6:48 pm

Hey Lauren! After your second babie’s birth, did you by chance have a Nerve Block or.. I forgot what they call that.. it’s where they place a needle in your spine and it numbs your body from the waste down. They use this alot when a woman is in labor.
I noticed Stacey saying she had a back problem, I too had a back problem. We both had epidural injections in our spine. Seems kind of strange how we had that epidural and then had some problems. Like we had the CIDP lurking in our systems just waiting for something to activate it.
Like maybe we have something in our immune systems that we carry in our blood or genes and the moment something that is not supposed to be there we react to it making us severely ill.
23 is very young. I think back then in the 80’s CIDP was not really recognized as often. GBS was around but CIDP was considered into a different criteria and alot of Neuropathies back then were not all considered CIDP. The research they have done has found that many diseases are can cause CIDP! Research and treatments have changed and the chances of a cure is getting closer than when I was at your age. Even Lupus treatments have changed some. They now have Rituxan and Cellcept and Neurontin and back then when I first got diagnosed Neurontin was not even around.
I still wonder about this spine issue. When I read a posting Stacey brought up it just seemed weird that we both got a back injury and had something done to suddenly get very sick. I still question that one myself! Just like vaccines effecting some of us. Surgical procedures for others.
You do have hope Lauren! I think in time things will get better for you. But you too have to take care of you! No smoking, no drinking heavily, watching what you eat etc. Putting yourself in remission which can happen! And you may see a much brighter future. Something that helped me with my lupus back then. I took my mind off my disease and did crafts. Thought of my children and I wanted to live and get better. I made a hope chest for my children with hand crocheted baby clothes or Christmas decorations I made. Placed them in zip lock bags and put them in plastic bins. All my children now have their special box they use every year. I would get outside and sit on the ground sliding my body around with a spoon and would dig a hole and plant a flower. That helped me gain muscle strength and got me better. What ever you do! Just because you are sick right now! Don’t you give up! Keep hope in your mind and will power. You keep that and you will see yourself getting better. May take some time but think to yourself everyday.. that your children need their mom! That kept me going! I wish you my very best and hope to see that day when you say you are feeling fantastic! Hugs!