Hey Kitt!

December 27, 2008 at 11:31 pm

Hey Kitt! My son and his wife left this morning to go see his other grandma! Spending the night there and then coming back home tomorrow evening.
I saw the news this morning about Isreal and the Gaza and I really wished these people over in the Middle East would try to at least gain Peace with each other!
Personally! I wished these terrorist would leave our World alone and let the people that want Peace get what they diserve! So tired of seeing this fighting and bombings. And seeing people injured or killed.
But everytime I see other countries acting in war with each other, I get a fear for my son and his welfare. If we were not having War, I would not mind him being in the Navy. But when I see stuff like this on TV. My heart sinks and I get worried. It’s bad enough knowing he is on a Submarine and underwater half the time! He actually loves it! But I certainly don’t! LOL!
He is going to be due for reinlistment soon and I ask him this morning what he plans on doing when that time comes.
He is telling me that he is going to stay in the Navy! He wants to retire from the Navy. It’s a good field but War is not!
I’m just a concerned worried mom! Protective over her son! I want what is best for him, but have a fear of loosing him in War.
But he has been so cute these past few days being home. I hope the ultrasound was right and it is a boy. That would make his day! Mine too! But either way, we will love the baby no matter what it may be!
Well I better hit the sack! A little tired tonight! Stayed up to late! Hugs

Hey Kitt

September 20, 2008 at 6:59 am

Hey Kitt! The outside of this hospital looks nice and is well kept. The inside is the pitts! It used to be a nice hospital too. Too many high paid CEO’s spending money very unwisely there. What is more important? Healthcare and clean healthcare or a water fountain in the front flowing all the time. I was laying in bed one time and they had the sheet laying on me and I found a plastic tube of something on the sheet. Never did find out what it was. But with all the diseases out there we do need to have more sanitized areas in our hospitals. Gosh! One air borne virus in that place and it would spread like fire because of the filth. Ohh yes! The goop on the ceilings! LOL! I too have wondered what it was. I have even seen dried blood on my stretcher and that got to me! Yukkkk!