HEY JULIE! Hey EveryBody

June 24, 2008 at 11:07 pm

Eric here!
I, Too am being referred to Hopkins next Tuesday (my neuro is sick of me;-) I’m wondering, how can I prepair myself to get the most from the consult? I, too have the numb little and ring finger, both hands.

My neuro doesn’t even return my calls! The 5th IVIG didn’t do squat so they skipped the 6th pending the JH visit?

It’s 4v hours from here, I fear the doc is going to look at me, say “yep! you got it! Come back in a month!” The drive will KILL me, one. AND I need a course of treatment?

By the sounds of it, I’m far less patient than anybody on here, but, fact is, I’m a Single Parent living in a big old farmhouse in the country! If I don’t fixs, mow, whatever, itdoesn’t get done? I’ver spent a year messing w this stuff (of course not resting as I should) But ANYONE- what does one DO toget the most out of the high powervswpecialist consult? The Plan, I think is to coupole the IvIg w rretuxan or cellcept or imuran? MY Neuro is dead set against Plasma Xchng? Why? He says it’s about as effective as IvIg and worries about infection?

Meanwhile I’m on Disability and, now, my face is growing numb, also? asrms n legs growing weaker and thinner by the day? But workout proves to be disasterous in it’s aftershock. I dunno- just tell me I’m too impatient;-) I just wish I knew what to DO, to stiop this train? Speaking of Train? How would a Couple Bott;es of Night Train help? It IS an anti-Oxidant, I hear?

Peace, Y’all

Elvis Parsely