Hey JOJo

January 9, 2009 at 10:28 am

Hey JoJo! See if you can take a drug called Pyridium. It is an RX drug but also over the counter. I take the Pyridium before I go to bed and I use the bathroom before I go to sleep. Also! Any Caffiene you are on might pay to stop drinking. Drink juices and avoid Caffiene drinks. I was constantly wetting myself all during the day and night and when I stopped drinking sodas and went to Sprite O that has no caffiene my bladder eased up some. Plus I take that Pyridium and it turns your urine and orange color but helps ease the urge to urinate alot. If your doctor say’s it’s okay to take it. Try that out! Ever since I got off caffiene and started taking those pills, I finally stopped wetting on myself! It’s worth a try! It might help and then it might not but right now this is worth trying! Hope this helps!
Linda H