HEY- Don’t shoot, I’m new here!

March 18, 2008 at 7:50 pm

Hi, I’m Eric

46, Diagnosed September
CIDP, forst the prednisone worked, well!
3c months later, it stopped working,
Now I’m onb 7 onther meds to counteract sideffects of the prendisone?

And just had my secomd load of IvIg (no positive results)

From all I’ve read, there are differing “orders” of treatment protocall, but a second opinion? sure cain’t hurt! Good luck w your Dad!

He can get Help, just don’t take “no” for an abswer;-)


BUT LISTEN- I told you I’m NEW here- so excuse me if I’m “stomping on a thtread”, but;

I’m just done w my second month’d treatment of OctaGam? No good results, no real reduction in Prendisone, I’m a little WORSE off actually. The Infusion Gal says I prolly WON’t respond (if no improvement after 5 day load, initial) the neuro says “all we can do is wait, we can try imuran after a month or three- I recommend you apply for SSDI”

I’m a self-employed, single-dad of two, do-it-yourselfer kinda guy in a big old house w a giant yard and a bunchy of half-finished projects! How does one “sit n wait” (not good for much else, but, still?!

Any thoughts, please reply
Happy Easter- He IS Risen!