October 13, 2008 at 1:17 am

To Lyrica and cymbalta, and tried to get Provigil, but medicare part D, I have been on disability SS since GBS, turned it down…the reason they gave, it is a controlled substance. I am appealing this now and the DRS are gonna try again to get this for me. I have read on here where it has made a difference in their lives and thought I would like to try it. Drs. are trying to get it for me because I keep coomplaining to them I have no energy. They say the provigil will give me a shot of get up and go. I suppose too many druggies have used it to get a high, after taking some downers…like controlled pain meds…like the oxycodone I am on and have been for quiet a spell now. I don’t like it, but nothing else has helped all these years. Nothing suprises me about the drug companies and the big money they get off of poor sick folk.
God bless,