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January 25, 2007 at 10:53 pm


I did about a half hour of research (based on my own dealings with the state of washington) to find some resources for you. Here’s what I came up with.

Speaking as an ex-landlord and ex-resident manager let me tell you: it’s usually VERY difficult to actually evict someone. Most people leave of their own volition but if they want to stay, it can take months. Wrecks your credit but it’s a good worst-case-scenario. Here’s the number of the police person they call about evictions. He might be able to explain the process to you: Eviction Section Sergeant at: 240-777-7130.

Better way is to approach the landlord with your situation. Explain that you don’t want to have an eviction on your record. Is there any sort of payment plan you can set up? A lot of landlords would rather set SOMETHING up rather than go through the months of eviction work and then look for a new tenant.

Also, the U of MD has a graduate legal aid office. Call them for some free advice: Phone (301) 405-5807.

There are several resources in every state, although mostly the bureaucracy will wear you out. When you contact them, stress that you are going to be homeless any minute. Here’s a few resources I found:

****Emergency Housing Services (from the Dept of Social Services) [url][/url]

****Asst. Dir. of Social Work Services & Prgs. Joseph Rando (410) 713-3907 (This guy should be able to tell you about some programs to help you pay rent/foodstamps etc. If you aren’t eligible for these programs, they’ll know about others, I’m sure, if you explain your situation.)

****For more information about the Homeless Women-Crisis Shelter Program, contact Tricia Joralemon at (410) 767-7297.

****For more information about the Service-Linked Housing Program, contact Tom Coplin on (410) 767-7182.

****For more information about the Housing Counseling Program, please call Tom Coplin on (410) 767-7182.

****For more information about The Maryland Emergency Food Program, call Kirk Wilborne on (410) 767-7015

****Temporary Disability Assistance Program (TDAP) provides limited cash assistance for disabled adults.
Benefits may also include eligibility for the Maryland Pharmacy Assistance Program and Basic Outpatient Medical Services under the Maryland Primary Care Program.

For more information about applying, call 1-800-332-6347

Where to Apply:
You may file an application by mail, fax or other electronic means or someone may drop an application off for you.
Apply online: Go to [url][/url] to file your application.

They’ll help you find other financial assistance.