Here’s something to try.

August 13, 2007 at 10:13 am

[QUOTE=NOYACANT]Mega-dittos on the fatigue. Inactivity doen’t help matters. Not a whole lot to do when you don’t feel good enough to do much of anything. How profound… NOT.[/QUOTE]

Well I do spend quite a lot of time on Second Life, I’ve met a lot of people there who have medical problems, though noone with CIDP or GBS yet. When I am too tired to do anything and can’t see well enough to read I go build something on Second Life, or talk to one of my neighbors about their day, or go visit a place someone has built. It’s not a game, it’s a 3D virtual environment, kind of like an international chat room with really great graphics. It’s free, it’s interesting, it takes very little energy and believe it or not I’m actually making a little $ selling things I’ve made. Note the LITTLE, $10 doesn’t go far in real life but does wonders for my ego!

Last night I sat at a beach bar I made and had virtual happy hour with a couple of friends in New Zealand and we compared “I”m so tired” jokes. Made me feel almost normal!


No I don’t work for them but it has been a place for me to go and learn new things and not feel like such a slug all the time.