Here it goes….

December 16, 2010 at 2:03 pm

When NC Insurance Commission Department contacted BCBS about NCICD’s Expedited Expedited Appeal–BCBS suddenly decided they’d not have me wait 30 days and then put me in for a 72 business hour decision–hhmm. The squeaky wheel turns…

BCBS had given me various unsubstantiated info and I did document who said what. Shame on one BC phone rep who said they would decide whether my situation was “life or death”–excuse me? What a thing to say.

The NC Insurance Commission is FREE. They ultimately decide and what ever they decide over rules BCBS. I downloaded the NCICD Expedited External Appeal forms to fill out and had my neuro’s office fax this plus medical/my appeals letter to them.

I am putting my NC Insurance appeal on hold to use when/if BCBS denies me. This way NCICD had definite reasons I was denied to address.

I thank Goodney, Jdunk, Yeuhan and others for sage advice.
To others–please consider your state insurance commission avenue for appeal.

IVIG Magazine said 94% of denied benefits are NOT appealed.