September 10, 2007 at 6:07 pm

[QUOTE=flower]I’m just going to toss this subject right out there. Medicinal marijuana is legal in 12 U.S. states now and prescribed for such illnesses as MS, HIV/AIDS, chemo, and other various disorders.
Is there anyone who lives in a state that this is legal and they use marijuana for pain control?? I have done alot of research on this topic and I’m all for it, except I don’t live in a state where it is legal for medicinal purposes. I have spoke with two different neurologists whom agree with the use of marijuana and helping neuropathic pain.
Also, for us non-smokers there are vaporizers that will heat up the herb to release the THC vapors and then you can only inhale the vapor.
I know there is alot of stigma that goes with “marijuana”, but when you are willing to become a criminal to get relief from pain, then that’s a risk I’m willing to take from time to time.

Please don’t respond to this thread if you are just going to bash marijuana.
There is a movie that was recently on Showtime called “In Pot We Trust”.
True stories of people much like us, using an herb to quiet their symptoms.
All it takes is an open mind.[/QUOTE]


I saw that special on Showtime. I also live in a state where it is not legal. So I buy it from a local vendor. It does work for me along with the Lyrica so I will continue to smoke my Herb and do not care if I get caught because it is a class b mistaminer like a ticket in my state if less than an ounce. I am a 55 year old professional who was forced to retire a year ago with CIDP. Go get you some Herb, it helps with both pain and mood!.:)
Best Wishes