Hello State Trooper

October 6, 2010 at 3:13 pm

I can relay to you my experience with Solumedrol. I was diagnosed with multifocal (asymetric) CIDP in 2004. My impairment was about 70 % motor weakness 30% sensory, and I am substantially disabled. In late 2005 I was placed on a pulsed IV solumedrol protocol to try to get more treatment results. I was to receive a 1 gram infusion twice a week for six weeks, then 1/2 gram 2x week/6 weeks, then taper. Two days after the first infusion I woke up with a massive flair of all symptoms. We kept on with the protocol, but doctor and I finally agreed to abandon and taper. This episode/flair persisted for 8 months. I did 20 sessions of pheresis during and just after the tapering period, then restarted IVIG, and have never recovered to a level of functionality near where I was prior to the solumedrol, now five years later. A pretty renowned physician at Mayo Clinic told me there is a small subset of CIDP patients, who typically have some form of sub-variant of the disease, for whom Solumedrol/prednisone exacerbates the condition. He said there is no explanation why.

I do not want to be an alarmist, but my advice – proceed with caution if you continue to dramatically worsen.