Hello Rose!

June 29, 2006 at 12:43 pm

I am glad you are coming here to keep us updated on the situation. I am sure as others that follow can read your posts and be able to understand this illness even more. Racer said it all…depends on the facility and what they have available and what your insurance will approve. Some things that have not been approved by your insurance could be what will help others to recover. It is a terrible situation to be in. The frustration for the caregivers is exhausting and very stressful to watch a family member go thru this. As the patient it is hard for them not to get depressed, frustrated and scared out of their minds. I took it for granted that the resourses a facility had were all the same. Until I was transferred to a different hospital that had the PP treatments. I thought that was something standard they all would have at their disposial. Keep up a good possitive front and get him to think possitive. It is his attitude that has to get him thru this. Getting stressed, exhausted will only slow down a very slow process in the first place.

When I was in the hospital I had the staff come in at times and tap me on the back as part of a rub down. They took the time to do that and at times would smack my back pretty hard to move the mucus around. I agree about the drainage being caused from some of the tubes. But take it as a good sign that the body is trying to clean its self out. I was also told that they have a vest that you can wear that shakes you to loosen up the mucus. I never had to wear it but was told that the hospital had one available if I needed it. I also had many types of beds that turned me and stood me on my head and floated me with air and others that were constantly moving. It was like being on the ocean on a raft. Bouncing over waves. With the double vision I can tell you that the buildings out my window were tossing and turning and it made me ill. But all that stuff has good points so I did not look out the window when the ocean was in motion! LOL Had them stop it whenit was time to eat too! I GOT THRU IT! Hang in there and God Bless you and your family. We will be thinking about you.