Hello race fans!

July 2, 2006 at 11:24 pm

Jethro Thanks for posting my picks for the weekend. I think I do better when you post them than when I post them! LOL Thanks for doing the extra work of keeping scores and doing the math. I have enjoyed this message board. Takes my mind off my GBS.

I don’t think many of you know that I attend races at our local track on the weekends. I was really worried about being around the noise after having a bad experience of being right under a church bell at noon. I had just been out of the hospital a few months and was treating myself for a fish sandwich during Lent. I got there right as the bells started. That set off vibrations that were not pleasant. Come out an hour later and it was one o’clock. Talk about bad timing! LOL I was standing right under the bell as it rang. Was not as bad as 12 rings for noon!

While at the race track I have been using ear plugs and being careful to not get around too much loud noise. I have been doing pretty good until this past weekend. It was after all the races were done and I went into the pits to congratulate the friends and family members that race. The final race winner was entering the pits and I heard him coming and as he rounded the corner I could see him. He reved his engine setting off a vibration from my tail bone to the top of my head…felt like sparks traveling up my spine! It made my feet smack the pavement pushing me up in the air 6 inches. As I did that I pulled my head down into my shoulders to try and stop the pain. I am sure he is still wondering what I was trying to do! I looked like a turtle without a shell!

Have a great Fourth of July!