Hello Nancy

September 10, 2010 at 10:10 am

I react to IVIG’s very well. I use to get them three times a week but now we are trying to get to two week intervals. My disease started out as GBS and now has become CIPD twelve years ago. I just had a serious relapse 16 weeks ago where I lost all function again including movement in the arms and legs. I just started walking 6 weeks ago with a walker and now I can walk but my balance and leg weakness is still a problem. But I thank god for letting me get up and walk and function without help. You have too be strong and keep your head up. Every little step you take forward is a huge one in life. You will always have friends on here who understand what you are going thru and if you need support just ask any of us. We are a very unigue group of people with a rare problem that ISN’T understood by MANY!