Hello from the Rituxan guinea pig

November 15, 2006 at 6:02 pm

Hi Everyone,
Sorry to have kept away for so long. I was the first person to try Rituxan through my doctor back in April 2003. I currently receive Rituxan avery 12 weeks. It has kept my symptoms at bay and I have hit a plateau, which I am o.k. with since I can now function at about 92%. During the winter months, I also have IVIG treatments every 6 weeks to keep me from getting all the bugs that circulate at a high school of 2800 students! My first treatment I went into anaphaltic (sp?) shock about 45 minutes into the treatment. It was really scarry, but I got through it and have never had another reaction since. They now give me everything under the sun before the treatment to prevent a reaction. I do not have paraproteinaemia. If I can answer anyones questions, flee free to e-mail me. By the way, the last time I had a treatment the nurse mentioned a new drug called Orencia that targets T-cells.