hello form jean in Bali

September 22, 2008 at 5:29 am

Dear GBS forum members ALL:
Thank you all for your kind thoughts.
Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Wayan is home from
the hospital since the 12th Sept. I’ sure he would like to give you a bit
of his GBS history; however his computer is on the blink and I (mom)
am at the internet cafe.
I will attempt to get him here to converse with you but in the
meantime I am very interested in vitamin supplements that will help
with his recovery. I am told a good multi, omega 3, calcium,mag,zinc,
+vit.D. and vit.B complex.
Question: Does anyone know how much calcium and B. vitamins
Wayan should be getting? I want to give him as much as possible but
and afraid to overdose as well. Wayan has been showing signs of allergic
reactions so I would like to be causious. He had a very bad reaction to
a pain killer while still in the hospital. it put him back in ICU for a couple
of days. Strangely enough they had used the same pain killer on him
many times in ICU without the allergic reaction.He also seems to be
reacting to some foods therefore the caution.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Someone is mailing a spare part
for Wayan’s computer so he should be on line soon.
Warm Regards to you all, jean