Hello Everyone! It is hip to get fit!

February 19, 2007 at 2:41 pm

I agree with everyone just putting in the effort for those first few exercises is the hard part. Once you get started then you can add things you know you are able to do and use them after you warm up with those stretches and some great breathing exercises. I get out my pages they gave me from OT and PT and do them but try to find some exercises that take them to the next level. I don’t try to set a time limit to exercise, I listen to my body and do what I can. Even if watching a tape and I get bored or have to sit down, I finish out that tape with things I can do. I was once told in rehab that it is important to move that finger or leg just one inch. You don’t have to move it a foot. The distance is not important as is getting that finger or leg to move. Then you are using that muscle. As it gets stronger the movement will get greater with ease! That is the method I use. For example: When I first started to walk I did baby steps…..now I can take a normal stride as everything come together! Every so often I might even throw a few speed steps in that distance to bring up my heart and breathing rate.

[B]cara> [/B] That is a very nice video you mentioned. Sounds like it would be easy but it even challenges the fit person by holding the moves for longer periods of time.

[B]Liz>[/B] I wish we all had a bit of your attitude! Keep up the good work! I know you are fitting all this exercise into your busy schedule!

[B]Cheryl>[/B] Come on and take a dog for a walk! I can lend you one!

JayDee> You fit right in this group! Thanks for the support and the great posts!

I have been keeping up my schedule and here and there just adding stuff here at the house. I enjoy my swimming more than I like the machines, but I grin and bear it! Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are on the circuit with the machines. YUCK…..I think they are boring days. Swimming we laugh and splash in the water, get yelled at by the instructor for making too much noise! It is a nice part of exercising with a group!