Hello everybody

October 18, 2007 at 1:51 pm

I am back from that spa and from visiting my family for a month or so. I had so much fun in Minnesota, the people at the spa were wonderful. From the very beginning they made it quite clear that they were willing to do whatever it took to give me a good time. My room was out in the barn, and what fun, it was the German room with good heavy furniture so when I banged into it he didn’t move much if at all. A low the room was quite large and the furniture was actually out of my way. Every morning they would send somebody down to get me for breakfast. Just walk beside me and make sure my scooter didn’t tip. After a few days they realized I could do just fine and my babysitter stopped coming to get me.

I went into the pool every day at least once most times two or three times. I even picked the class couple of times where we used floating weights to do exercises with. I really enjoyed the hot tub which I went into after swimming and sometimes before. But I think my favorite things to do were the spa treatments. The facials were so very relaxing and a full body massages were like heaven. I had one massage that really focused on the leggs and for the next few days I didn’t even have one cramp.

At the spa they taught me the correct way to eat and how to gauge things by seeing the difference between half a cup and 1 cup. Though for me they should’ve gone to more I Cup against 3 cups. And then done the half cup thing. I really enjoyed all the food and have tried to stay doing the things they showed me how to do. I have lost 17 pounds since being at the spa. Losing the weight has probably been the best thing for me because that is 17 pounds I’m not driving around with me trying to learn to walk. Now if I could stop falling, and spraining and breaking my foot I might actually gain some more ground. I feel really good but I still get tired very easily. I think my foot is finally getting better and I’ll soon be ready to start a pool therapy again. I see my neurologist on the 26th and he might okay me to start some kind of therapy. Well as I’m not really supposed to be writing a book I think I’ll say adios for now and hope this finds everyone doing better. Love you all, Vicki

Hello Everybody

August 11, 2006 at 4:58 pm

No I did not recieve your e-mail. I did though notice it as soon as I got on the website. I am going to require my mom to help anyway to reserve the room. I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada, If you are wondering. It is sure going to cost a lot but I think I could get my mom to pay for the hotel room. Because I have saved money. My boyfriend said that instead of 20 dollars a week he will give me 100 dollars a month. I can only save 80 a month but I got enough pretty well for the bus ticket. That means 2 and a half days on the bus with having to transfer twice. This for me is so exciting because it is an adventure and it is like a vacation and I haven’t had a vacation since I was 16 years old and I don’t even know if it was one at that. This is my first time out of Canada and I’m excited.

My walking is coming along I still have a lot to work on but it is coming along. I am doing as much physio that I can so that I am capable to take care of myself on this trip.

My boyfriend is doing just fine he just had a severely sprained ankle and is much better now.

Hope everyone is doing just fine keeping all of you in my thoughts.