Hello Christine!

November 3, 2006 at 9:25 am

I enjoyed reading your message and your great attitude come out as being so possitive. I am sure this will all work out for your family and you will learn alot from this experience.

You have been blessed with a caring family and healthy child. Keep being strong.

During my illness we created “secret hugs” those kind of things made me really feel part of the family but also kept people from touching me in places that were extremely sensitive to their touch.

My Son held my hand between his hands to warm it up and help with straightening my hands out. After being curled all day that felt soooo good. That become his job until one day I grabbed his hand as he carefullly placed it under my hand. He also seen it was dry and flakey and was given some lotion to put on it. Seeing my skin start to look healthier did give him some satisfaction to see he was helping in a small way to improve my condition. But getting that care from him meant so much. It has really brought us closer! Actually he was also gifted with a well developed knack to read lips and that was so helpful during the time that I was not able to speak.

With each persons talents in my caregiving I can look at them in a different way now. I see each one of us have different effects from this illness. But I also found out that each one of my friends and family have different talents that they offered, which meant so much to me getting well.

Christine, rest and get your strenght back you will need it when your family gets older and faster. Save your energy for then!