Hello Angel

November 27, 2006 at 5:10 pm

After reading many of the post, I think I am very blessed, but it is not only me, it is offered to everybody but we need to have faith. I got in the hospital April 9 and I was dancing on May 9. During the first week I got to a point where I could not even stand on my feet. I needed my brother to take to the bathroom and help me do all my phisiological needs. After reading all these posting I guess I have not been thankful enough, but for sure this is helping me to be. Everyday I feel better and better, compare to where I was even before GBS, this means I am more flexible and joyfull. I have a very sedentary work, I am always at meeting and phone calls, but since two months ago, I enjoy walking daily 45 minutes, God knows where I found the time to do it, if before I did not have the time, I have joined a bi-weekly swimming class and the things just get better and better. I have also learned to pray and stay in contact with GOD, perhaps this is the most difficult part, but I am trying. But let me tell you, this is not about one specific person , this can happen to everybody, God has no record of your wrongs, he blesses everybody, but you just need to believe that he will bless you and deliver you from sickness. Believing means, going to the water without a safeguard, just trusting and sooner or later your deliverance will come, sometime it takes more time, but it comes.

Please keep believing, do not give up, there is nothing stronger than him, not even GBS.

GOD bless you.