Hellaversary for me

December 8, 2009 at 10:53 am

December 28, 2005 for me is the day Dr. Groblewski recognized I had GBS and admitted me to a local hospital. It is a doctor’s appt I will not forgot. As time went on, we discovered that my attack came about from having an upper respitory infection and being treated for it along with an influenza vaccine a month later the beginning of the start of the URI. While conversing with my employer’s nurse about the medication for the URI and if I was permitted to work with it, she insisted I get a flu shot to save my co-workers and family from the flu. This resulted in my immune system fighting off multiple virsuses and at that point deciding to attack everything including my nerves. After being treated with IVIG, I started a uphill battle to get back to where I was prior to GBS. Being an active person, I went on a rehab that would make the average person’s head spin. Month 4, I was given the okay to drive again. Month 6, I was given the okay to return to work, but my employer’s doctor would not let me work while taking pain medication, so I decided to try Infrered treatment(Anodyne) and it proved to hold the pain in check for a year. After month 18, I switched to Cymbalta for pain relief, but only to lose my job. It is now year 4 and I have been given temporary jobs since month 18 to keep health insurance and for a source of income and to help 2 kids as they have just started college. I was successful in proving my case to the vaccine injury compensation fund and I was awarded funds for only pain and suffering. The rest of the lost wages, both past and future and medical coverage will come from workers comp which was finally accepted only after month 14. I decided to make the second anniversary of when I received the flu shot a day to remember and rewarded myself with something I looked forward to when I could not walk, let alone drive- to a nice new shiny automobile. I purchased a 2008 Chevy Corvette and decided to purchase a noveltary plate “FLUSHOT”. Worker’s Comp has been fighting me every step of the way and will not accept all the problems that has reared its ugly head since I developed GBS.
So now it is early Dec. 2009 and I have celebrated the Date of Injury, but the 4th Hellavesary is just around the corner for me.