Heavy metals and chemicals

January 29, 2009 at 7:36 pm

Hi Gary,

That does seem rather odd to have two co-workers with CIDP. Although I live near a fairly large city, I thought it odd to be in rehab with 4 other women with GBS and four of us were in our 20’s.

Dawn, when you mention that tests were done for heavy metals, I had the same tests. Granted, this was back in 1991 when I don’t think GBS was as well known, but I thought that was odd. I’d never worked around chemicals nor did I live near a nuclear power plant (not to my knowledge). However, I’d had extensive dental work the year I was diagnosed and I’ve always wondered if the injections or materials they used were the cause of my GBS.

Gary, so sorry to go off topic, but your post brought back a lot of memories.

Take care,