Heat, didn’t know…..

August 3, 2006 at 6:14 pm

“I wonder about your hot tub… my doc. told me NOT to do hot tubs and I keep my shower fairly cool. That could be causing some of your problems as damaged nerves just can’t handle the heat.”

Oh my, never heard this b4. When I was first getting feeling back, they put me in a Hubbard tank, giant tub with crane and sling to swing you in and always had the temp up high so I have always used hot water therapy. This is my third Hot Tub, Wore two out already. It does help with the cramping and muscle aches, but had no clue that it could be damaging to nerves…And my PCP actually wrote a prescription for the last one so I could submit to insurance. They laughed, but it was a thought….. 😉