Hear you

December 19, 2009 at 10:48 am

When life is hard, try to focus as best you can on ways that you are blessed including maybe taking time, despite feeling low, to write each day about something that is a blessing to you–most importantly of all, you have a wife that loves and supports you and a little girl whom you have the blessing to be able to spend a lot of time with and see her blossum and grow. It is the people in our lives that are the most important of all. This world is so much go–go–go now, but spending time with people you love is more important than what you do with them and way more important that what material things you have. Tell them you love them and appreciate them and that they bring joy to your live and you will find that you do feel a little better. Plan things to do together that do not take much effort to do–watching a movie, playing a game, making up a play, making cookies (many recipes can be made ahead or in parts).

By no means is this minimizing the impact of your health on your life, but it is trying to chose to yell out to the world that YOU are not defined by CIDP. This being said, it is really, really hard to be positive or have hope if you are in constant severe pain. To increase the chance to be a positive, fun, smiling guy, you may need to prioritize medication for pain or pain/depression (as Tara74 says). I know that a lot of us have had to say that “I cannot show who I am the way that I used to do, so I have to learn new ways to show ME to the world”. I do not say this as someone at peace with the changes in my life, but as someone who is SOMETIMES at peace with myself in a changed world and still trying to work through to more time at peace.

WithHope for more love between people and for more peace throughout