October 25, 2010 at 12:21 am

My husband is retired from a large steel company, actually the largest steel company in the world. The buzz is that it would be a lot cheaper for them to just pay penalties than to offer the same type of coverage that we have enjoyed for 33 years. I guess the next contract negotiations are going to be primarily about healthcare, the guys trying to keep what they have.

I sure feel for all of the small businesses out there, it just seems like they are getting hit in every direction, not just healthcare. If only people would begin to realize that city, state, & federal government jobs do not generate any money. I was a school teacher before I got CIDP, & it never occurred to me that I was taking out of the system, even though we paid into income tax. I now see that so many of the necessary services like teachers, firemen, policemen, etc. do not generate money, like the private sector does. So what is the answer here?