Headache from spinal tap?

June 13, 2007 at 10:22 pm

I can only speak for myself, but I know I had a whopper afterwards…I just made plans to go home and sleep it off afterwards…but NO, the doc had my dear spouse [who was with me] tote me to a hospital where I got some additional and extensive additional blood work drawn…Yep, headache? Of course the two hour wait in the hospital for the blood work to be done didn’t help at all [sitting upright in a waiting room chair, no less] as a person’s supposed to lie down and do horizontal rest asap after a tap OR you get headaches. Headache? YEP.
Needless to say, I slept off the ‘headache’ but, I truly felt as if someone had whomped me with a 2X4 in the back for a few days…I was sore, but could walk and all that.
It all can put a person in a really OFF mood! But, the good part is that these pains go away…the bad part is waiting for all those tests to come back!
Will think positive things your way for the duration.