He’s been moved to rehab

January 1, 2007 at 10:54 am

Hi Everybody,

OK — my brother’s been moved to a rehab hospital and will start his therapy on Tues 1/2/7. I did pass on the caution about taking the therapy very slow — I just wish I was there to make sure every detail is covered properly — like I’m worried that the therapists might try to “bully” him into trying harder or something – ??? ( I have no indication that this might happen — it’s just his ‘big’ sister worrying….)

On a practical matter — he’s not able to answer or hold the phone since his arms have not “come back” yet. Someone has to answer and hold the phone for him. Is there a handsfree / headset / device that can plug into the phone that has a remote answer button / toggle…. ???? —
I tried doing a search but thought maybe you folks might know of a SPECIFIC device / brand that I could look into. — ??? —

Also, I’ve been reading through the posts here and I saw one that suggested the wife of a GBS patient contact the local GBS advocate / support person. Is there a main list of these by state/ city somewhere?

I’m trying to think ahead somewhat and thought an ‘advocate’ might be a resource to line-up in case my brother’s progress stalls. I hope not but –??? — For example, he lives in a two story house… he might need a bed downstairs… there are steps to his front door… he might need a ramp…
— ??? — dunno… ????— just trying to anticipate some things because I don’t think my sister-in-law is able to right now.

Again… thanks so much for your comments / suggestions / tips.

Best wishes…