Having had more PET scans than I care..

December 30, 2010 at 6:24 pm

.. to remember? I can say that they are not invasive [but for the contrast-which is not that used by MRI’s] and they often find, if not THE issues causing problems – those that result from current or past problems which mite be causing your current problems!
In my case, I’d gotten PET scans due to cancer. But, scans found out soo much more about ‘me’ that would have taken heaps of time and lots of invasive biopsies and extra scans to find! Get a copy- it’s an eye opening window into YOU or in this case, your husband!
Be sure to ask for and GET a copy of that report from the get go! Why? Because the docs will call you and ‘tell’ you ‘this and that’ about the report, with you having no clue what they are talking about!
The summaries are short, sweet, and mostly extraordinarily concise. No words will be minced or obscured-just facts. And facts are what you need right now. The scan won’t answer all issues facing your husband and you, BUT? It will help you know essentially: ‘What’s off the “list” to worry about’ and what to now look into further.
Cindy? I’m glad your doc did the skin biopsy test! I’ve refused flat out the ‘full seural nerve biopsy’ because I felt it wasn’t needed, I just had a neuro who wanted to ‘do’ one. And the seural’s are nasty. Skin tests are super and one thing in the last 3-4 years have been becoming norm and I think they are far more valuable to US as patients!
Good luck with the Pet results! I’ll try and cross my fingers for you!
Hugs and hope! AND…do let us all know what has been happening! We’ve been in similar [tho not identical] situations. That walking on and chewing nails stuff is NOT fun!