Have you seen an ENT doctor?

June 29, 2008 at 9:27 am

Have you seen an ENT doctor? This would be good to do. He/She could look in the throat and see if the vocal cords are moving to see if it is a problem with the nerves going to them. Do you have the Miller Fisher variant or other neck/central problems like trouble with swallowing? Are there any signs that this is recurrence of GBS in this type of form? There are other things that can cause a person to lose their voice–like a polyp on the vocal cords. I think that this is more likely to happen if you have strained to talk for a long time. Since communication is so important, it is worth going to see someone with a lot of vocal experience that might be able to know of options.
The webcam is a great suggestion and you could type and someone read to them at the same time. Sign language is also a thought especially for immediate family. It is really beautiful language and it is pretty easy to learn to sign. It is harder to learn to read sign, but you would not really need that since you hear fine. People have started to teach children with speech delay to sign (like kids with Down’s syndrome) and it is great at work to see them communicating. People tend to think of sign language as only for people who are deaf, but it is useful in lots of other situations. The one disadvantage of it is that full “speech” (as opposed to isolated signs) takes a good deal of upper body energy. It is too hard to me to do for about a year after GBS, but as strength returns, so is this!!

WithHope for cure of these diseases that bother us in so many ways so long.