Have you or can you get a copy of…

August 8, 2011 at 11:17 pm

you last two blood work-up tests?
The Complete Metabolic test is the one you want to see – the pain meds we take can deplete calcium amazingly rapidly and over a long term.
This test can help you assess if you are low in calcium+magnesium+vitaminD. The three are needed to be used in combination to asorb the calcium properly. Use Calcium Citrate rather than Calcium Carbonate tho.. it’s more readily taken in by us who have other ‘problems’.
This test will also help you check other factors you mite need such as vitaminB-1 & B-12 which help nerve health and regrowth. Both are very difficult to overdose on tho, as is vitamin C. B-6 tho? Watch carefully, you need some? But too much can do as much damage to the nerve health as it can become toxic in higher than RDA amounts. I’d learned about the B-6 the hard way! Never again!
The calcium doesn’t work ‘overnite’ tho. It will likely take about 6 weeks to really notice a difference, but it can and does help!
Good luck!